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Camera Repair

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What does Kurt’s Repair  Still Camera Estimates  Video Camera Estimates
Shipping  Why Repair  Kurt’s Warranty  Repair Status


Kurt’s Repair Service

Kurt’s can provide expert repair service on most all digital, video and film cameras. We also specialize in 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm film projectors and 35mm slide projectors. It is difficult to list what we do and do not work on, but here is a general guide to help you know whether you should send us your camera or not.

Konica Minolta
Nikonos V
Most Tripods


Most film and slide projectors are repairable but it is always good to check.
Give us a call or send a fax or e-mail.

If you do not see your camera brand listed or if you have any doubt,
always feel free to call or Email.

If you are nearby our repair facility in the San Diego California area and it is convenient, always feel free to bring your camera to our repair facility yourself. We also service cameras from all across the nation, so you can use whatever shipping method that is most convenient to you.

Turn around time for most repairs is 10-14 working days – not counting shipping time.
If you need a rush repair, ask us about our “RUSH” service.

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camcorderStill Camera Estimates
Estimates for Still Camera equipment are FREE. When you send your equipment to us a technician will provide a repair esitmate for parts and labor. We will then contact you for your approval.Be assured that you will not incur any charges without first knowing exactly what they are. If your equipment is determined NOT to be repairable, there is no charge. You only pay if the equipment is repaired.

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Video Camera Repair Estimates
Due to the complexity and many variables of video cameras we charge an estimate fee of $25.00. This fee will be credited tcamcordero the repair cost if you choose to have your camera repaired. The fee may be by check or Credit Card. If paying by check please include check with camera shipment, otherwise we will contact you upon receipt of your shipment for credit card information.

Be assured that you will not incur any charges without first knowing exactly what they are. If your equipment is determined NOT to be repairable, there is no charge. You only pay if the equipment is repaired.

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Shipping Instructions

When sending your camera to us for repair checkshippingclosely for any loose items and please remove and do not send any accessories which are not required for repair such as batteries, straps, memory cards, and lens caps, etc.Cameras should be placed in a plastic bag and then packed in bubble wrap or other packing material with at least 2 inches of packing material on all sides. Make sure that you include your complete contact information and a short description of the problem you are experiencing.

Your package should include the following information:
Type of Camera or Equipment
Short Description of problem

The package should be addresed as follows:
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Suggestions as to the “When”, “What” and “Why” to consider

It is sometimes difficult to decide whether to repair or just replace a camera. The reasons are varied and in each individual circumstance there are always different and sometimes compelling and unique reasons. We offer the following basic rules of thumb to assist you in your decision.

    • If the cost of repair is less than half the cost of replacement, repair it.
    • If you have sentimental attachment to your camera, repair it.
    • If your camera meets your photography needs, repair it.
    • If you have more than one lens for your camera, repair it.
    • If you have more then one rechargeable battery or memory card, repair it.
    • If you do not want the hassle of learning the operation of a new camera, repair it.
    • If you are planning to replace your camera with a used camera, DON’T. Repair yours instead.

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Kurt’s Repair Warranty
Kurt’s will stand behind our service. If you experience a problem with a piece of gear serviced or repaired by Kurt’s within the warranty period, simply send it back to us, and we will repair it free of charge. Impact damage, sand or liquid damage voids the warranty.

Warranty periods:

Film Cameras
DSLRs & other photographic equipment
Video Cameras
1 year
6 months
3 months

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Checking on Repair Status/Progress

One of Kurt’s customer service representatives will call to notify you as soon as your camera is repaired to arrange for payment and operatorshipping. If you have not received a call from us, your camera is most likely not ready for pickup yet. If you have any questions or wish to get an update on your repair, feel free to contact us.

Telephone : 619.286.1810
Fax : 619.286.6093
Email :

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