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Question Can I bring my camera in to your facility rather than shipping it?

Yes, if you are located within the San Diego Metropolitan area please stop by our Repair Facility located at 7811 Mission George Road, Suite “E”, San Diego, California 92120. Most times we can check out your camera and give you a free estimate while you wait.

Question How can I know if it is economically feasible to repair my camera?

If the cost of the repair is half or less of the cost of buying a new camera, we normally recommend a repair. If the cost is over half the new camera price, you should consider other factors such as sentimental value. If you have any doubt, simply contact our customer service personnel by telephone who will be happy to answer any questions and advise you before you ship your camera to us.

You can be assured that once we receive your camera for estimate, our very first step is to determine whether the camera is economical for you to repair.

Question Q. I have a compact digital camera with a broken LCD panel. Should I get it repaired or is it too expensive?

In most cases yes, you should repair cracked LCD panels. This is normally considered a partial repair and labor costs are not expensive. However, cost of the LCD panel itself can sometimes be expensive. The best thing is to contact us before you ship your camera.

Question How do I find out if Kurt’s Camera can service my camera?

It is impractical to list every camera that Kurt’s services. We have included a list of manufacturers on the web site. Please call, fax or email before sending your camera.

Question What kind of cameras does Kurt’s work on?

We work on just about all Digital, Video, and film cameras including medium format and large format. We service film and slide projectors. We also repair tripods. When in doubt contact us. Please note that we do not service any Panasonic video cameras at this time.

Question What if I think the estimate for repair of my camera is too much and I decline the repair?

No problem, there is no charge except for shipping charges, should you want the camera shipped back to you not repaired, only then would you incur charges. “You would only be responsible for the Shipping Charges.”

Question What if my camera is determined to be not repairable even after I authorized the estimated cost?

This is highly unlikely. However, should it occur there will be no charges what-so-ever except for the incidental costs to ship your equipment back to you.

Question If I declined the repair estimate or the camera was not repairable, do I have to have my camera shipped back?

No, if you do not wish to have your equipment returned, you can instruct us to dispose of your item. However, we may ask for written authorization and instructions, which may be faxed, e-mailed or sent by USPS mail.

Question How long will it take for my camera to be repaired?
Routine repair time is normally 10 days to two weeks. However, rush services are available upon request. Please call for details.